An international crew, typically consisting of six members, resides on the ISS for approximately six months at a time.

It's really windy.

He isn't able to read.


How do you know that, Annie?

I'm sure you know what that's like.

Don't eat for at least three hours.

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At which hour is the next train arriving?

He's reading.

He changed his job.

We asked everybody to help.

If you don't kill them, they'll kill you.


At last, we got rid of him.

This is really big.

The doctor released him from his pain.

Dan posted missing person fliers everywhere in the town.

Ted is good at fixing watches.

The red fish is swimming in the ocean.

They're stunned.

How high is that mountain?

Is your watch correct?

Everytime I look at him, he smiles.

The dream rattled Thuan. He took it as a divine warning.

Straka, could you come in here, please?

My printer is low on ink.

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We got into a car.


Hold the line, please.

My finger turned brown after I dipped it in a slightly concentrated solution of potassium permanganate.

How about my showing you around the town?

As soon as it gets dark, the fireworks will start.

I can understand your skepticism.

I'm not sure when he'll turn up.

Your face makes me punch you.

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The love of liberty brought us here.

Return this.

How can we ever thank you?


I know how lucky I've been.

He enjoys watching baseball games on TV.

She asked him if he was happy.

His car broke down on the way to work.

They built a small village on an island.

She came here before when she was in university.

Sridhar's a first-time offender.

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Norm is the founder of stoatism, which is the philosophical view that everything is better with stoats.


Jong was wounded by a bullet in the neck.

A blonde girl is coming to meet him.

By this time, the whole house was in flames.

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"All humans are mortal" is an empirical observation based on millennia of experience.

Mr. Ford is what is called a self-made man.

You're real heroes.

Raghu seems really happy to be here.

My life is ruined.

She runs a dance studio.

I'll be the one helping Loukas, not you.

How much does a ticket cost?

Do you want to live in Madrid?

Elric appreciates good wine.

Where exactly did you find that?

What did you do for Father's day?

The train arrived in London.

There are some old houses in this street.

Is this building open to the public?

"Do you want to go to church with me, Daudi?" "No, father. I don't want to today. I'll go by myself tomorrow."

He's an intelligent young man.


I'm fine. And how are you doing?

He's a screenwriter.

She loved fat men, so she decided to convert to Buddhism.


Milner finds it difficult to keep up with the rest of the class.


We have a deal, right?

I think you owe me an explanation.

The secret to life isn't to try and get what you want, but to be satisfied with what you get when you get something.


You've been lying about everything, haven't you?

I need a smoke.

Daryl doesn't want to be here.


I have not had a chance to see that movie.

Just give Briggs a second.

What is written in this signboard?


I know we can do it.

The police are really good at understanding "Someone stole my credit card and ran up a lot of charges." It's a lot harder to get them to buy into "Someone stole my magic sword."

I've been really fortunate.

Beth looks like himself again.

Are you over 18?

What do you know about Syed?

No one could believe they were false.

How old do you have to be in Australia to be able to drink?

Individuals invent.

I didn't even get an invitation.

Do you want to stay here or go?

We've got to make a run for it.

It's not a bad plan.

She's insecure and has low self esteem.

The man saw the driver who caused the accident.

The toothache made his face swell up.

I suppose I'll be in trouble if I don't stay up all night to cram for the examination.

She'll try it once more.

He remembers to write to her every week.

What's the time in Boston now?

You're the only one who understands me.

Cynthia smiled at Toufic as he left the room.

I thought it was my brother.

Everyone left except us.

Leave it off.

I have to go do this.

He made his timely escape from the stock market crash.

I've been in this business a long time.

The tiger cub looked like a large kitten.


They ordered Lindsay to kill Randy.


The author called her main character her hero.

He sat in on some of the board's policy-making meetings.

Bring me the Kleenex.

Why not let us try?

Tell them to stop worrying.

Piotr and Dori already know that.

Dr. Sweet's nature belied his name.

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It seems that he is rich.

To all appearance, they don't study hard.

Why is anyone here?


It is a basic quality of an employee to complete his tasks within a fixed time.


A television set used to be a luxury.

One of the girls smiled at Kim.

Is it dangerous to travel alone on the U-Bahn?

I don't have many regrets.

He doesn't look happy to see us.

I went the a ceremony of marrige in church, was beutiful and traditional.

Amir hasn't run for office for years.


You seem to be enjoying this as much as I am.

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She advanced the hands on the clock.

He's hell-bent on finding out who killed his daughter.

This is the love that esteems others better than oneself.

He must have abused the privilege.

There are times that we have to leave a job even in the middle of a recession.

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Monty hasn't adapted yet to the new reality.

Nobody likes to be made fun of in public.

What do you know about Tatoeba?

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Who finds a friend, finds a treasure.

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Well, what's the matter now?

Let's talk about ways that we might prevent this from happening again in the future.

I don't have to clean my room.

You could've said no.

You're too good for Swamy.


Our teacher began singing a song well.

This study compares the immigration policies of various nations.

We can't afford to take risks like that.

It's so yummy.

May I have permission to board this ship?


I met Lorien once before.


I like what I see.


In the short time Jacob was away from his desk, Lynne scribbled something in his textbook.

That's what we're working on.

Summer vacation is near. Can you think of a good place for the holidays?

You can make your choice freely without fear of retribution.

Please give my best regards to your parents.

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How many texts are there in this book?

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He looks older than my brother.

We're here to rescue you.

The runner had reached the halfway mark.

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The seasonal rain front is moving in tomorrow.


It could be the biggest mistake you ever make.

I have to say goodnight now.

Jiro wants to drink Coke.

Did you take the book back to the library?

There were many guests - most of them were our teacher's classmates and friends.


I left all that behind years ago.


We won't be talking about that at all.